Do you know our life is dependent on the tree itself?

Forest is very useful for human life. Normal person does not know the importance of forests well in the absence of forests Human life is not possible. For the last hundred years, forests have been exploited. Corrupt officials and money launderers are adequate for forest wealth Destruction is in the present time, it is not visible on the hills. Sri Sunderlal Bahuguna is trying to protect the forest by the Chipko movement. If we look at our history we will know that our ancestors had come too much red to save the forest but they had worked very hard to save the forest.

We have many types of direct and indirect benefits from the forests. From these we obtain the woods which come in a variety of uses, they produce fuel and many types of similar years.

Sagwan, cedar, Sheesham, sandal is used to make the sleeper and freedom of the railroad. 1 There are many useful items besides woods. Life useful herbs are available medicines. Operation of rain is very closely related to rivers. In the words of Bhagwati Saran Singh, the rivers flow in the forest and it flows, it will not remain then the rivers will flow. Neither can we make economic progress nor we can make economic progress and neither can we imagine health and happiness. The trees of the forest take contaminated air from the environment and leave the oxygen and keep the environment pure. To maintain balance in the environment Very useful is the climate of atmospheric heat and air flow controlled from the forest, thereby balancing the climate in the government and society Should try to protect Mrs Mahadevi Verma said while underlining the forests through the natural beauty full of wires can over moonlit night well.

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