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Lucent General Science Book PDF Download in Hindi Full Book Lucent's General Science By Ravi Bhushan
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Lucent general science pdf 

In today’s competitive exam every section play a very major role so candidates who are preparing for any competitive exams have to focus on all subjects equally, whether it is Science, Maths, Reasoning and Gk all subjects are equally important. So we have to cover all subjects according to the demand of syallbus.

Here, in this article we will provide you the free pdf of this lucent general science pdf book. Interested candidates can download this lucent general science pdf from the below available link.

You can also download lucent Gk and computer book pdf from below link. It is advisable to the aspirants to refer hard copy this lucent book, it can be easily buy from online portals.

About Lucent general science pdf 

  • Book Name –Lucent General Science pdf
  • Author–  Ravi Bhushan
  • Format- PDF
  • Size- mb
  • Page-  167,213 and 447 (English)
  • Language- Hindi and English
  • Publication- Lucent’s Publication

Contents of Lucent General Science pdf book

-General Physics (Mechanics)
-Sound (Acoustics)
-Thermal Physics (Heat & Thermodynamics)
-Light (Optics)
-Electricity & Magnetism
-Modern Physics (Atomic & Nuclear Physics)

-Physical Chemistry
-Inorganic Chemistry
-Organic Chemistry


(I) General Physics (Mechanics)

Physics, Measurement, Motion, Newton’s Law of Motion, Linear Momentum and impulse, Rocket, (a variable mass system) Types of Forces or interactions, Frictional Force, Centripetal Force, Torque or Moment of force, Simple Machines, Equilibrium of bodies, work, power, energy, Gravitation, Orbital velocity, Geo- stationary satellite, Escape velocity, Elasticity, Archimedes’s principle, Law of flotation, Surface tension, Viscosity, Bernoulli’s theorem, simple Harmonic Motion(SHM)

(II) Sound (Acoustics)

Waves or waves-Motion, Sound waves, Ultrasonic waves or Supersonic waves, Newton’s formula & Laplace’s Correction for speed of sound, characteristics of musical sound, Reflection of sound waves, Echo, Refraction of sound, Superposition of waves, Interference in eeffect in sound, Sonic booms.

(III) Thermal Physics (Heat and Thermodynamics)

Heat and Temperature, thermometry, Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases, Calorimetery, Molar heat capacity of the gases, Tranmission of gases, Transmission of heat– Conduction, convection and Radiation, Black body, kirchoff’s law, Sefan’s law, Newton’s law of cooling, Kinetic theory of gases, Thermodynamics, Entropy, Evaporation or vapourisation, rule- Thomson or Joule Kelvin effect, Realtive humidity.
These are the some glimpses of chapter’s.


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