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All the students who are preparing for SSC CGL and want to get a job in Government of India, then every year exams are given by the Staff Selection Commission for all those students, through which jobs are available in different ministries of departments. For all of you, we are providing the previous year question paper PDF of Mathematics for all of you, by downloading Kiran Mathematics SSC CGL Book PDF, you will be able to prepare for your SSC CGL very easily.

जो भी विद्यार्थी एसएससी सीजीएल का तैयारी कर रहे हैं और वह चाह रहे हैं भारत सरकार की नौकरी पाना तो उन सभी विद्यार्थियों के लिए स्टाफ सिलेक्शन कमीशन के द्वारा प्रतिवर्ष एग्जाम दिए जाते हैं जिसके द्वारा अलग-अलग मिनिस्ट्री ऑफ डिपार्टमेंट में जॉब मिलती है इसकी तैयारी के लिए आप सभी लोगों को हम मैथमेटिक्स की प्रीवियस ईयर क्वेश्चन पेपर की पीडीएफ उपलब्ध करवा रहे हैं किरण मैथमेटिक्स एसएससी सीजीएल बुक पीडीएफ को डाउनलोड कर आप बहुत आसानी से अपने एसएससी सीजीएल की तैयारी कर पाएंगे


Kiran Maths Book PDF

In Kiran Math Book PDF, Kiran SSC Mathematics book has been given to all of you, with the help of which you will be able to prepare for your mathematics with the help of SSC Kiran Math Kiran Publication SSC CGL Maths Book PDF Free Download Kiran Mathematics Book You can download latest edition pdf Kiran Mathematics Book, you have been given everything you need to prepare for SSC CGL Maths Short Tricks by Kiran, you can download SSC Elementary and Advanced Maths by Kiran Quickest Mathematics by With the help of Kiran Publication, you will be able to understand Mathematics in a better way.

किरण मैथ बुक पीडीएफ में आप सभी लोगों को किरण एसएससी मैथमेटिक्स की पुस्तक को दिया गया है जिसकी मदद से आप एसएससी किरण मैथ की मदद से आप अपने मैथमेटिक्स की तैयारी कर पाएंगे किरण पब्लिकेशन एसएससी सीजीएल मैथ्स बुक पीडीएफ फ्री डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं किरण मैथमेटिक्स बुक लेटेस्ट एडिशन पीडीएफ डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं किरण मैथमेटिक्स बुक में आप सभी लोगों को मैथ की शार्ट ट्रिक्स एसएससी सीजीएल की तैयारी करने के लिए हर वह चीजें दी गई है जो आपको जरूरी है एसएससी एलिमेंट्री एंड एडवांस मैथ्स बाय किरण डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं क्विकेस्ट मैथमेटिक्स बाय किरण पब्लिकेशन की मदद से आप मैथमेटिक्स को अच्छी तरीके से समझ पाएंगे

About kiran maths book pdf

  • Book Name –Kiran SSC Mathematics Chapterwise Solved Papers
  • Format- PDF
  • Author-Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan
  • Page 1380
  • Quality- High
  • Language- English
  • Chapter’s- Arithmetic and Advanced maths
  • Publication- Kiran’s Publication

Contents of kiran ssc mathematics pdf

Number system
Power, indices and surds
Ratio & Proportion
profit & loss
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Time and work
pipe and cistern
Time and distance
Boat & Stream
Sequence and Series
Statistics and Data Interpretation


  • Chapter-01 : Indices and Surds
  • Chapter-02 : Polynomials
  • Chapter-03 : Factorisation of Quadratic Polynomials
  • Chapter-04 : Simplification of Fractions
  • Chapter-05 : Algebraic Identities
  • Chapter-06 : Solutions of Linear Equations
  • Chapter-07 : Graphic Representation of Straight Lines
  • Chapter-08 : Co-ordinate Geometry
  • Chapter-09 : Sequence and Series



  • Chapter-10 : Circular Measure of Angles
  • Chapter-11 : Trigonometric Ratios
  • Chapter-12 : Trigonometric Identities
  • Chapter-13 : Heights and Distances



  • Chapter-14 : Lines and Angles
  • Chapter-15 : Triangles : Similarity and Congruence
  • Chapter-16 : Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter-17 : Circles : Chords and Tangents



  • Chapter-18 : Area and Perimeter ( Triangles, Rectangles,Squares, Quadrilaterals, Rhombus, Circles)
  • Chapter-19 : Volume (Cubes, Spheres, Hemispheres, Cylinders,
    Cones, Frustums, Prism, Pyramids)
  • Chapter-21 : Statistics & Data Interpretation
  • Chapter-22 : Miscellaneous

Kiran SSC Mathematics

  1. Number System
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on Smallest and Largest fraction etc
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on Division Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on the Fraction of numbers
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on finding the ascending & descending order of numbers etc.
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on finding the unit place of a number
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on the sum of Consecutive numbers (Odd, even, etc.)
    • TYPE–VII : Miscellaneous Questions
  2. LCM and HCF
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the formula (LCM × HCF = First Number × Second Number)
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on only finding the LCM of the numbers
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on only finding the HCF of the numbers
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on ratio of the numbers
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of the numbers
    • TYPE–VI : Miscellaneous Questions
  3. Simplification
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on continued fraction
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on BODMAS
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on square and square root
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on cube & cube root
    • TYPE–V : Miscellaneous Questions
  4. Power, Indices and Surds
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on Simplification
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on finding the largest and smallest value etc.
    • TYPE–III : Simplifying when root values are given If x = a is given (where x = 1, 2, 3 and ‘a’ is the correct value of x )
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on rationalising or prime factor
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on positive and negative exponent
    • TYPE–VI : Questions of type on successive Roots.
    • TYPE–VII : Miscellaneous Questions
  1. Average
    • TYPE-I : Basic Average Questions
    • TYPE-II : To find nth number when average of first ‘p’ and last ‘q’ numbers are given
    • TYPE-III : average of consecutive even, odd and prime numbers etc.
    • TYPE-IV : If the monthly income of factors (x, y or z) are given, then finding the monthly income of ‘x’
      or ‘y’ or ‘z’ or ‘x+y’ or ‘‘x–y’ etc.
    • TYPE-V : Questions based on twice, thrice, one-third etc. of numbers
    • TYPE-VI : Question where correct average have to be find out as earlier some mistake was done.
    • TYPE-VII : Questions based on cricket
    • TYPE-VIII : Questions where missing number has to be find one as there has been some change in given average.
    • TYPE–IX : Questions based on determining the average age
    • TYPE-X : Miscellaneous Questions
  2. Ratio and Proportion
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic concept of Ratio & Proportion
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on Fractions
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on Percentage
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on Age
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on addition, difference and product
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on L.C.M. & H.C.F.
    • TYPE–VII : Finding the sum/difference/ product of numbers where some change has been done in given ratio
    • TYPE–VIII : Questions based on Allegation or Mixtures
    • TYPE–IX : Questions based on Income or Expenditure
    • TYPE–X : Questions based on Coins and Rupees
    • TYPE–XI : Questions based on Shares and Partners
    • TYPE–XII : Miscellaneous Questions
  3. Percentage (No. of Questions 485)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic concept of percentage
    • TYPE–II : If ‘x’ is less/more than ‘y’ by ‘m %’ then ‘y’ exceed/less than ‘x’
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on Income, expenditure, Salary and Wages
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on Ratio
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on Alligation & Mixture
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on consumption and expenditure
    • TYPE–VII : Questions based on examination and marks obtained
    • TYPE–VIII : Questions based on tricks Net increase or Decrease %
    • TYPE–IX : Questions based on Voters in an Election
    • TYPE–X : Questions based on Depreciation & Population increase
    • TYPE–XI : Questions based on reducing & exceeding prices
    • TYPE–XII : Miscellaneous Questions
  4. Profit and Loss
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic concept of C.P. & S.P. and profit & loss
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on gain & loss percent
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on sold & bought
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on ratio & partnership
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on tricks
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based On selling an article and interchanging its values
    • TYPE–VII : Questions based on marked price
    • TYPE–VIII : Loss/gain percent is equals to the C.P./S.P.
    • TYPE–IX : Finding the cost of article where a man sold an article at a loss of x%. If he had sold it for ‘y’ more than he would have gained/loss m%
    • TYPE–X : Questions where articles are sold in a circular chain
    • TYPE–XI : A person bought two articles for x. He sold A at m% profit/loss and B at n% loss/profit. Then gain/ loss p% on his outlay. Find the c.p. of A/B/A+B etc
    • TYPE–XII : Difference between selling price and Cost Price
    • TYPE–XIII : Find the reduced/increased price of an article
    • TYPE–XIV : Miscellaneous Questions
  5. Discount
    • TYPE-I : Questions based on Successive Discount
    • TYPE-II : Questions where The Market Price is x% higher of cost price. A discount of y% is given on the market Price. Find the Loss/gain percent
    • TYPE-III : A shopkeeper earns a profit of x% after allowing a discount of y% on the printed price
    • TYPE-IV : Mixed problems of marked price
    • TYPE-V : Miscellaneous Questions
  6. Simple Interest (No. of Questions 186)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic formula of Simple Interest
    • TYPE–II : The sum of money becomes ‘n’ times of itself in ‘t’ years at a certain rate of Simple Interest
    • TYPE–III : If simple interest on a certain sum for ‘n’ years if x/y of the sum find the rate
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on the difference and equality of Simple Interest rate and years
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on ratios
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on Increase/ decrease in rate of Interest
    • TYPE–VII : Miscellaneous Questions
  7. Compound Interest (No. of Questions 204)
    • Questions based on the basic formula of compound Interest
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on both compound and simple interest
    • TYPE–III : Difference between compound and simple interest
    • TYPE–IV : If the amount becomes ‘n’ times of the sum after ‘t’ years at compound interest
    • TYPE–V : A sum of money amounts to x1 in t 1 years and to x2 in t 2 years at compound interest
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on Installments
    • TYPE–VII : Miscellaneous Questions
  8. Time and Work (No. of Questions 383)
    • TYPE-I : Questions Based on the basic concept of time and work
    • TYPE-II : Questions where worker leaves or joins
    • TYPE-III : Questions based on ‘M’ man, ‘W’ women and ‘B’ boys
    • TYPE-IV : Questions based on fraction of the work
    • TYPE-V : Questions based on efficiency of worker
    • TYPE-VI : Questions based on the formulae M1D1W1 = M2D2W2 and its interchange
    • TYPE-VII : Questions based on Work and Wages
    • TYPE-VIII: Miscellaneous Questions
  9. Pipe and Cistern (No. of Questions 83)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the concept of pipe and cistern
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on fractions/ part of filled tank
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on taps are opened alternatively or a leak in a tank
    • TYPE–IV : Miscellaneous Questions
  10. Time and Distance (No. of Questions 401)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic concept of time and distance
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on Rail and Platform/Bridge
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on Rail and a man/pole/signal
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on two Rails cross each other in opposite direction
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on a car travels with n y of its usual speed
    • TYPE–VI : Questions based on average speed
    • TYPE–VII : Questions based on Ratios
    • TYPE–VIII : Questions based on two train travel in same direction at different speed or thief/ constable overtake.
    • TYPE–IX : Questions based on a train (transport system)/a man changes his speed, then he arrives at its destination before/later
    • TYPE–X : Questions based on any train crosses both platform and a man/a pole at same time
    • TYPE–XI : Question based on races
    • TYPE–XII : Miscellaneous Questions
  11. Boat and Stream (No. of Questions 61)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on upstream and downstream
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on a boat/a man takes ‘n’ times as much time in going the same distance in opposite direction
    • TYPE–III : Miscellaneous Questions
  12. Sequence and Series (No. of Questions 143)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on finding the next number/missing number/ wrong number
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on ‘xth ‘ term & sum of ‘n’ terms
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on Simple calculation
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on square/ cube of natural/odd/even/prime numbers etc.
  13. Algebra (No. of Questions 759)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on the basic algebraic concept/calculation
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on polynomial and algebraic identity
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on graphs of linear equations and co-ordinate Geometry
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on ratios
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on Permutation and Combination and Binomial Therom
    • TYPE–VI : Miscellaneous Questions
  14. Trigonometry (No. of Questions 626)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on Circular Measure of angles (Radian & Degree Measure)
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on Trigonometric Ratios & Identities, Function, Projection, Law of Tangents etc.
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on angle of elevation
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on angle of depression
    • TYPE–V : Miscellaneous Questions
  15. Geometry (No. of Questions 608)
    • TYPE–I : Equilateral Triangles .
    • TYPE–II : Isosceles Triangles
    • TYPE–III : Scalene triangles, Acute & obtuse angles triangles and others triangles
    • TYPE–IV : Right angle Triangles
    • TYPE–V : Similar Triangles
    • TYPE–VI : Rectangle
    • TYPE–VII : Square
    • TYPE–VIII : Polygon
    • TYPE–IX : Parallelogram
    • TYPE–X : Cyclic and others Quadrilateral
    • TYPE–XI : Trapezium/Rhombus..
    • TYPE–XII : Simple Circle
    • TYPE–XIII : Tangents to Circle .
    • TYPE–XIV : Incentre/Circumcentre and Incircle Circumcircle
    • TYPE–XV : Miscellaneous Questions
  16. Mensuration (No. of Questions 946)
    • TYPE–I : (2-D : Area)
    • TYPE–II : (2-D : Perimeter)
    • TYPE–III : (2-D : Percentage/Cost/ Quantity)
    • TYPE–IV : (3-D : Volume)
    • TYPE–V : (3-D : Area)
    • TYPE–VI : (3-D : Percentage/Cost/ Quantity)
    • TYPE–VII : Miscellaneous Questions
  17. Statistics and Data Interpretation (No. of Questions 968)
    • TYPE–I : Pie-Chart
    • TYPE–II : Line graph
    • TYPE–III : Simple Bar Diagram
    • TYPE–IV : Horizontal and Divide Bar Diagram
    • TYPE–V : Multi Bar Diagram
    • TYPE–VI : Histogram
    • TYPE–VII : Table
    • TYPE–VIII : Miscellaneous Questions
  18. Miscellaneous (No. of Questions 50)
    • TYPE–I : Questions based on Logarithm
    • TYPE–II : Questions based on Set Theory
    • TYPE–III : Questions based on Probability
    • TYPE–IV : Questions based on Calendar
    • TYPE–V : Questions based on clock
    • TYPE–VI : Others

Kiran SSC Maths Book PDF in Hindi

किरण मैथ्स बुक पीडीएफ के बारे में
पुस्तक का नाम-किरण एसएससी गणित अध्यायवाध कागजात हल किया
प्रारूप- पीडीएफ
लेखक-किरण प्रकाशन की टैंक सोचो
पृष्ठ- 1380
गुणवत्ता- उच्च
भाषा अंग्रेजी
अध्याय- अंकगणित और उन्नत गणित
प्रकाशन- किरण का प्रकाशन
किरण एसएससी गणित पीडीएफ की सामग्री
संख्या प्रणाली
एलसीएम और एचसीएफ
पावर, इंडेक्स और सर्ड्स
अनुपात और अनुपात
लाभ हानि
साधारण ब्याज
चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज
समय और काम
पाइप और सिटर
समय और दूरी
नाव और धारा
अनुक्रम और श्रृंखला
सांख्यिकी और डेटा व्याख्या
विविधबीजगणितअध्याय -01: इंडेक्स और सर्ड्स
अध्याय -02: बहुपद
अध्याय -03: द्विघात बहुपदों का कारावास
अध्याय -04: अंशों का सरलीकरण
अध्याय -05: बीजगणितीय पहचान
अध्याय -06: रैखिक समीकरणों के समाधान
अध्याय -07: सीधी रेखाओं का ग्राफिक प्रतिनिधित्व
अध्याय -08: समन्वयित ज्यामिति
अध्याय -09: अनुक्रम और श्रृंखला
एक नज़र में महत्वपूर्ण अंकत्रिकोणमिति

अध्याय -10: कोणों का परिपत्र माप
अध्याय -11: त्रिकोणमितीय अनुपात
अध्याय -12: त्रिकोणमितीय पहचान
अध्याय -13: ऊंचाई और दूरी
एक नज़र में महत्वपूर्ण अंक


अध्याय -14: रेखाएं और कोण
अध्याय -15: त्रिकोण: समानता और अनुरूपता
अध्याय -16: चतुर्भुज
अध्याय -17: मंडल: तार और स्पर्शरेखा
एक नज़र में महत्वपूर्ण अंक


अध्याय -18: क्षेत्र और परिधि (त्रिकोण, आयताकार, वर्ग, चतुर्भुज, रम्बस, मंडल)
अध्याय -19: वॉल्यूम (क्यूब्स, गोलाकार, गोलार्ध, सिलेंडरों,
शंकु, झुंड, प्रिज्म, पिरामिड)
अध्याय -21: सांख्यिकी और डेटा व्याख्या
अध्याय -22: विविध

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