Rajasthan Electronics Tender for Solar Cells

The Rajasthan electronics and Instrumentation Limited which is a joint venture between Government of India and Government of Rajasthan has initiated bid for the supply of solar cells. the quantity of the solar cell may be increase or decrease according to the requirement of the Rajasthan electronics and Instrumentation Limited so it it is inform to all the bidders who want to provide the solar cell to reilsolar.

This tender is for supply of various types of solar cell like monocrystalline solar cell multi crystalline solar se are mainly Silicon Solar cell with different dimensions the thickness of the solar cell should be in a fixed micrometer. The cell Must Be free of cracks, holes, cuts, edge chipping, missing gridlines, patches, spots, marks, mechanical damage, or color and pattern mismatches, holes cheating missing guidelines mechanical damage all the color and pattern mismatches is not acceptable.

The Solar cells should be packed in a perfect manner one box should contain solar cell, so that it cannot be damaged in delivery. The total quantity should be supplied in in the accurate time the vendor who had not supplied the same type of solar cell earlier must provide the sample for the solar cell for the acceptance and after approval by REIL the solar cell will be accepted.

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