Top Leading Technology in the World 2020

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Internet of Things (IOT)
  3. Big Data
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Robotic Process Automation or RPA
  6. Blockchain
  7. Quantum Computing (Supercomputing)
  8. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Cyber Security


  1. Artificial Intelligence: In today’s time, the demand for artificial intelligence is increasing, the main reason is that today every company and organization is trying to accomplish their work through machines, this makes the company more profitable. For example, The price of making a mobile chip is ₹ 10000 but if you start using the use of artificial intelligence and robot, then you need to buy a mobile chip from 200 to 500 In this way, we can say that in this increasing demand, Artificial Intelligence has become an important contributor, and in the coming years, there will be a company organization or organization, it is necessary for everyone to be the government.
  2. Internet of Things (IOT): Do you know that your machine can make your food if you give it instructions, in the same way you can stop the keys of your car from your mobile only. You can also close the door of your house, sometimes with you. It may also have been a time when you have forgotten to shut down the electricity while going out of the house. After this you regret that I forgot to turn off the electricity then do you want me to remember when May you turn off the power of your home right from your mobile. Yes, it is all possible. With the help of Internet of Things, in the coming time, everything will be operated from the computer and it will operate from your mobile and all the things are internet If you are interested in all these things, it would be best for the Internet to develop all these types of things.
  3. Big Data: Managing data in today’s time has been a huge task, the biggest reason behind this is that many terabytes of data are being uploaded on the Internet every single second, managing it from today has become a huge art And for this, too many technologies are being developed so that manipulate so large data that is beneficial for human beings, if you are interested in such large data Land which then you can find some new technology can make it useful to humans it would be best and better for you.
  4. Machine Learning: Today, we are trying to give our intelligence to the machine, that is, we are trying to create a clever man of our kind and that is the robot made by machine. Not only this, today we are trying to fit our instructions in our machine and we want to We are saying that we should do the same machine and that is the machine learning that is meant for a machine which can be given instruction to a machine and according to the string In program.
  5. Robotic Process Automation or RPA: The work that needs to be done repeatedly, we can automate that work so that our work becomes easy. Today, a huge task has been done in the court so that it can easily be completed and along with it We are also trying to automate the work of brother-in-law. But here is the simple meaning that we are trying to simplify our work with the help of robots. If any heavy work is considered, then there is danger in humans. Any kind of injury can happen but if we do heavy work by machine, we will be able to do that easily.
  6. Blockchain: Today its demand is increasing which is the biggest reason for it that it works on a chain like we get the next happiness after a chain, then we will not be able to do anything to the last chain and do not even edit it. And this is the reason why many currencies today also work on it as if you have to hear that bitcoin bitcoin trading also works on a blockchain i.e. what is a program like a chain Land that can not be changed just moving it you can never be left behind.
  7. Quantum Computing (Super-computing): There is a lot of work to do today, which requires a lot of computing power but we are not able to do that much computing power. This means that we are looking to make a super computer, but to this day, completely say that a good super computer.
  8. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): The demand for virtual reality is increasing day by day, the main reason being that it works on a virtual concept that makes you feel that you are seeing it in a real way. Today its use has also increased greatly. Free virtual reality is being used for surgery in the field so that future generations who are going to learn, see as a virtual reality. If it is a real human, then it will be harmful, but it will be harmful, but if it is done on the non-living things from the same virtual reality, then that child will come in such a way that he has tampered with someone in the real while that was not the same. Demand of wheat has also increased and the reality is being used to make the game a reality, that is to take filling and experience in it. Use of Virtual Reality in after coming is going to grow very much.
  9. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is a favorite branch in today’s time. The main reason behind this is that every thing that is going to be online is going to be online today. The company is coming to see that its data is sex in any place. The government too has been good. That he should make all his data online so that it is easy to access and secure, as well as assume that you are trying to create a server from which millions of people are able to make a second If you can access and access data, then it is in the cloud computing with the help of posible cloud computing in today’s field, whether it is a research field whether it is government, then its utility is increasing everywhere. .
  10. Cyber Security: In today’s demand, Cyber ​​Security has got its own importance, as technology is increasing, people’s liking is also moving towards technology, but in this race, some good moves ahead. So something goes wrong too, and this is the area that we talk about White Hacker and Black Shekhar, as well as today, when the data is going online every now and then, It is also very necessary to secure the Iber World, for this, cyber security has its own importance as some files of the Government are online, which means that it is kept on the server, but if it is not properly secured then the wrong This is the reason why the person can take the hand today, important roles for making Cyber ​​Secure today and we are being raised State….

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